L.A.S. Mission

L.A.S. Mission

The Light Air Support mission requires a solution that provides engagement and persistence that the warfighter needs in a counter-insurgency environment, at a significantly lower cost at a significantly lower cost than fighter jets.

That aircraft must deliver precision guided munitions and operate in extremely rugged terrain.

The Super Tucano is that aircraft.

Developed for defense and security operations in the jungle of the Amazon River Basin, the A-29 Super Tucano is a light attack plane built specifically for counter-insurgency missions. It can fly at low speeds and low altitudes. It is easy to fly, and provides exceptionally accurate weapons delivery with unrivaled front, rear and side visibility.   

The Super Tucano is capable of performing in harsh environments and delivering weapons like a modern fighter aircraft. Yet, it is highly efficient to operate, and unlike fighters, can remain on station for extended periods of time without refueling.

The Super Tucano’s low operational cost makes long, complex counterinsurgency missions possible for a fraction of the cost of jets.