Best for the Warfighter

The A-29 Super Tucano meets all the requirements of the LAS mission and then some.

It provides the highly advanced avionics and communications that pilots need.  It makes no compromises when it comes to crew survivability, aircraft controllability or combat effectiveness. 

Designed for Safety and Comfort:

  • Armored and pressurized cockpit
  • Anti-G system
  • Outstanding front & rear visibility
  • Ergonomic tandem seating
  • Zero-Zero ejection seats
  • Air-conditioning

Feels Like a 4th Generation Fighter:

  • Full NVG compatible
  • Hands On Throttle And Stick (HOTAS)
  • Main equipment redundancy
  • Precise navigation system - integrated auto-pilot, INS/GPS, radio navigation 

Open Architecture Avionics:

  • Open architecture allows broad range of capabilities (Link 16, ARC-210, SADL, ROVER)
  • V/UHF radios with crypto and Datalink
  • DVR for fast, precise debriefing.